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Whispering Woods Spa™
Clean Scents Perfume Spray, Air Freshener and Linen Spray


Perfume Spray:  Leaves the skin feeling silky and soft.  The scent is not too strong like many traditional perfumes.  Allow a light mist to surround your skin for a soft and elegant body scent.  Easy to carry and apply. 
Air Freshener Mist in the air for use as an air freshener, car freshener,  to cover house and pet odors. 
Linen Spray:  As a linen spray, gently mist into the air allowing the scent to gently fall on linens.   

Silver aluminum or glass bottle with easy to use mister cap. 
Precautions:  Our base is a non staining proprietary blend.  Always test a small amount on an inconspicuous area prior to use on linens.  
Do not apply directly to clothing or fabrics. 

  Wholesale Perfume Sprays, Air Fresheners and linen sprays.  Contact us for details.

Size and pricing
2.5 oz. size - $6.75, 4 oz size - $12.00
$8.00 Flat Shipping on Retail Orders


Our Philosophy:  We use nature's finest natural and organic ingredients, NO animals testing or harsh ingredients.  
A light and silky formula packaged with an easy to use mister.  Fragrances are cosmetic grade, non-toxic and may contain essential oils.



Label Options


We offer 2 types of product labels.  Our new designer labels shown on the left are very classy and colorful, each scent has slightly different color.  We also offer our beautiful picture labels shown below.  Sample labels shown are for our soy candles.   Air Fresheners will have the same label designs with different product information.   Please select label type under the add to cart button.  


Cupid's Kiss
Milk Chocolate Truffle

Wild Woods
Forest & Beary Fruit

Glacier Trail
Kadota Fig

Chocolate Body Perfume Spray
Chocolate Air Freshener
Chocolate Room Freshener

Forest & Beary Fruit Body Perfume Spray
Forest & Beary Fruit
Air Freshener
Forest & Beary Fruit Room Freshener

Kadota Fig Body Perfume Spray
Kadota Fig Air Freshener
Fig Room Freshener

Creamy Cocoa Bean, Vanilla Bean, Macadamia and Kukui Nut.

Fresh Greens, Amber, Cinnamon Quill, Forest Twigs and Daisy.

Kadota Fig, Sugar Cane,
Coconut and Amber.


Morning Sun
Lemon Verbena

Jasmine, Mango, Papaya

Gentle Tide
Cucumber Melon

Lemon Verbena Body Perfume Spray
Lemon Verbena
Air Freshener
Lemon Verbena Room Freshener

Jasmine, Mango, Papaya Body Perfume Spray
Jasmine, Mango, Papaya
Air Freshener
Jasmine, Mango, Papaya Room Freshener

Cucumber Melon Body Perfume Spray
Cucumber Melon Air Freshener
Cucumber Melon Room Freshener

A refreshing blend of Lemon
and Fresh Citrus.

Jasmine and Heather flowers with fresh Mango and Papaya.

Melon Accord, Cucumber,
Aloe and Garden Greens.


Moon Song Stress Relief
Spearmint Eucalyptus

Java Rock Caramel Cafe
Fresh Brewed Coffee & Caramel

Sweet Fire

Spearmint Eucalyptus Body Perfume Spray
Spearmint Eucalyptus
Air Freshener
Spearmint Eucalyptus Room Freshener

Coffee Shea Body Perfume Spray
Coffee Air Freshener
Coffee Room Freshener

Cinnamon Spice Perfume Oil
Cinnamon Spice Body Perfume Spray
Cinnamon Spice
Air Freshener
Cinnamon Spice Room Freshener

Bright Spearmint and
Eucalyptus Leaf.

Arabica Coffee Bean, Vanilla Bean
and Creamy Caramel.

Hot Cinnamon, Fresh Apple
Blossom and a touch of Clove.  


Earth Blessings
Majestic Sweet Grass

Sweet Cheeks
Pink Sugar

Mountain Orchard
Macintosh Apple

Sweet Grass Body Perfume Spray
Sweet Grass Air Freshener
Sweet Grass Room Freshener

Pink Sugar Body Perfume Spray
Pink Sugar
Air Freshener
Pink Sugar Room Freshener

Apple Body Perfume Spray
Air Freshener
Apple Room Freshener

Fresh Sweetgrass Braid, Amber
and Wild Vanilla Bean. 

Vanilla, Bergamot, Berries, Fig, Lily and Musk.  Sweet, fresh and feminine.

A delicate blend of Macintosh
Apple, Fresh Herbals and Aloe.


Pikes Peak
Irresistible Spice

Echo Lake
Cinnamon, Balsam & Clove

Harvest Moon
Mountain Breeze

Spice Body Perfume Spray
Air Freshener
Spice Room Freshener

Cinnamon, Balsam Body Perfume Spray
Cinnamon, Balsam
Air Freshener
Cinnamon, Balsam
Room Freshener

Juniper Body Perfume Spray
Juniper Air Freshener
Juniper Room Freshener

Vanilla Bean, Pumpkin Spice,
Creamy Caramel and Warm Spice.

Hot Cinnamon, Soft Clove
and New Brunswick Balsam.

Evergreens, Wildflowers
and Ocean Rain.


Timbers Echo
Warm High Country Forest Spruce

Blossoms and Berries

Hand Spun Fresh Linen

Warm Spruce Body Perfume Spray
Warm Forest Spruce
Air Freshener
Warm Forest Spruce Room Freshener

Pear and Garden Berries Body Perfume Spray
Pear and Garden Berries Air Freshener
Pear and Garden Berries Room Freshener

Fresh Linen Body Perfume Spray
Fresh Linen
Air Freshener
Fresh Linen Room Freshener

Mountain Spruce, Bergamot
and Citrus.

Pear, Apple Blossom, Strawberry, Wild Cherry, Melon, and White Violet.

 Crisp Herbals, Bergamot,
White Floral and Linen.

Classic Gold
Nag Champa Sandalwood
Guardian Spirit
Arctic Mint
Grapefruit, Peach and Asian Pear

Nag Champa Sandalwood Body Perfume Spray
Nag Champa Sandalwood
Air Freshener
Nag Champa Sandalwood Room Freshener

Butter Mint Sugar Cookies Body Perfume Spray
Butter Mint Sugar Cookies
Air Freshener
Butter Mint Sugar Cookies Room Freshener

White Peach & Citrus Body Perfume Spray
White Peach & Citrus
Air Freshener
White Peach & Citrus Room Freshener

Nag Champa flowers, amber, ylang ylang, patchouli and golden musk.

Cool Peppermint Leaf and
Warm Vanilla Bean.

Grapefruit, Asian Pear, Crisp Peach, Sage and Vintage White Grape. 

Nature's Bouquet
Fresh Cut Wild Rose
Spring Tendril
Sweet Pea
White Tea & Ginger

Rose Body Perfume Spray
Air Freshener
Rose Room Freshener

Sweet Pea Body Perfume Spray
Sweet Pea
Air Freshener
Sweet Pea Room Freshener

White Tea & Ginger Body Perfume Spray
White Tea & Ginger
Air Freshener
White Tea & Ginger Room Freshener

The simple essence of Fresh
Cut Wild Roses and Fresh Herbals. 

Fresh Sweet Pea Flowers
and Soft Greens.

White Tea, Ginger, Geranium
and Fresh Citrus.


Organic Cotton

Hang Time
Orange Dreamsicle

Southern Slope
Sparkling Pomegranate

Chambray Organic Cotton Body Perfume Spray
Chambray Organic Cotton  Air Freshener
Chambray Organic Cotton Room Freshener

Orange Dreamsicle Body Perfume Spray
Orange Dreamsicle  Air Freshener
Orange Dreamsicle Room Freshener

Pomegranate Guava Body Perfume Spray
Pomegranate Guava Air Freshener
Pomegranate Guava Room Freshener

Chambray Cotton, Lily, Citrus,
Lime, Apple and Wild Violet.

Orange Peel, Mandarin
and Creamy Vanilla.

Sparkling Pomegranate
and Fresh Guava.

High Society
Dipped Forest Berries
Free Spirit
Vanilla Creamsicle
Secret Garden
Dreamy Lavender

Raspberry leaf Chocolate Body Perfume Spray
Raspberry leaf Chocolate Air Freshener
Raspberry leaf Chocolate Room Freshener

Vanilla Creamsicle Body Perfume Spray
Creamsicle Air Freshener
Creamsicle Room Freshener

Lavender Citrus Body Perfume Spray
Lavender Citrus Air Freshener
Lavender Citrus Room Freshener

Raspberry leaf, Strawberry Leaf
and milk chocolate cocoa bean.

Vanilla Bean with a touch
of Fresh Herbals.

Lavender with a hint of Citrus
and exotic Bergamot.

Ocean Rain
Patchouli Citrus Sun
Evergreen and Mulberry

Ocean Rain Body Perfume Spray
Ocean Rain
Air Freshener
Ocean Rain Room Freshener

Patchouli Citrus Body Perfume Spray
Patchouli Citrus Air Freshener
Patchouli Citrus Room Freshener

Evergreen Mulberry Body Perfume Spray
Evergreen Mulberry
Air Freshener
Evergreen Mulberry Room Freshener

Clean Ocean with Fresh Rain
and Light Amber.

Soft Patchouli Leaf, Citrus and Sunflower.  A beautiful blend.

A soft mountain cabin blend of Mountain Evergreen and Mulberry.


Ginger Persian Amber

Raspberry Swirl
Sun Ripened Raspberry

Farmers Market
Field Of Greens

Ginger Persian Amber Perfume Spray
Ginger Persian Amber Air Freshener
Ginger Persian Amber Room Freshener

Sun Ripened Raspberry Body Perfume Spray
Sun Ripened Raspberry
Air Freshener
Sun Ripened Raspberry Room Freshener

Farmers Market Body Perfume Spray
Farmers Market Air Freshener
Farmers Market Room Freshener

Ginger, Persian Amber and Soft Musk.

Raspberry Leaf, Strawberry Leaf
 and vanilla orchid.

Mountain Greens, Forget-Me-Nots, Pansy and Baby Wildflowers.


Bird Song
Lilac Blossoms

Maui Lei
Tuberose and Plumeria

Provence Lavender

Lilac Body Perfume Spray
Lilac Air Freshener
Lilac Room Freshener

Tuberose and Plumeria Body Perfume Spray
Tuberose and Plumeria Air Freshener
Tuberose and Plumeria Room Freshener

 Lavender Body Perfume Spray
 Lavender Air Freshener
 Lavender Room Freshener

The essence of Fresh Lilac and
a touch of Fresh Citrus. 

Soft Hawaiian flowers. 
Reminiscent of the
Hawaiian islands.

Lavender, Fresh Ocean Rain
and Garden Sage.


Antique Musk

Strawberries and Champagne

Whispering Angels
Moonlit Petals Aloe and Citrus

Musk Body Perfume Spray
Musk Air Freshener
Musk Room Freshener

Strawberries and Champagne Body Butter
Strawberries and Champagne Shea Butter
Strawberries and Champagne Jojoba Lotion

Aloe and Citrus Body Perfume Spray
Aloe and Citrus Air Freshener
Aloe and Citrus Room Freshener


Antique White Musk and a hint of Egyptian Sandalwood. Strawberry Leaf, Pomegranate, Bergamot and Dry Musk. Hints of aloe, greens and a subtle citrus twist.  The soft smell of spring.

Lavender Essence
Pure Lavender

Citrus Floral

Ocean Amber

Lavender Perfume Spray
Lavender Freshener
Lavender Freshener

Love Perfume Spray
Love Air Freshener
Love Freshener

Romance Perfume Spray
Romance Freshener
Romance Freshener

A delicate blend of 100%
Lavender essential oils.

Our perfected blend of cool citrus
and warm romantic florals.

Fresh ocean, white musk and
golden amber.




Fragrance -      Size -     

Input Quantity -        Item Cost -   



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